Dawn Foods has rolled out a range of bake-stable ‘just add water’ dry filling mixes.

The mixes are available in two formats – PlusFill, which has inclusions designed to add texture, and BakeFill, described as a neutral product that can be paired with Dawn fillings or flavours to make a fruity or chocolatey combination.

Bakers just need to mix them with water and leave to hydrate for 10-15 minutes. Both can be used for spreading, filling or layering into sweet pastries, dough and sweet breads.

PlusFill is available in five variants:

  • PlusFill Nut – with 34% hazelnuts for a ‘chunky-nutty texture and flavour’
  • PlusFill Poppy – with 50% poppy seeds and gives an aromatic taste
  • PlusFill Almond – with 30% almonds to ‘give a subtle taste’
  • PlusFill Yogurt
  • PlusFill Cinnamon – described as smooth and spicy

The array of flavours available means bakers can easily create different products including cinnamon swirls and buns, almond croissants and flavoured muffins, said Dawn Foods.