Buy-back contracts are being offered on new Group 2 milling wheat KWS Extase by Heygates.

From harvest 2020, growers will be able to choose between single and multi-year contracts, with the miller saying it expected interest in the variety to be high and that contracts would be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The premiums over feed wheat will be set on a minimum/maximum basis and will reflect distance to a Heygates flour mill and grain quality.

“We see KWS Extase as a variety with a lot to offer the grower,” explained Heygates senior executive George Mason.

“It has the highest untreated yield of any variety, which in a time of limited and sometimes restricted fungicide use has to be reassuring. Furthermore, its favourable disease profile will help to support efficient production and protect grower profitability.”

Benefits include Septoria resistance, earliness of maturity, grain quality and milling performance for the end-user, added Heygates.

The miller, which said KWS Extase had produced good quality flour that complemented other varieties, said contract buy-backs would consider a range of protein levels, from full specification (13% protein) through to culinary flour (11%).

Crop management would be at the discretion of the grower and there would be no additional protocol to follow that prohibited the use of certain products, it added.