Pretty looking ice cream sandwiches with crumble toppings

Source: Rubicone

Crunchy inclusions, fruity frosting, and fat and sugar-reducing ingredients are among the latest innovations to be rolled out by bakery suppliers.

Here, we take a closer look at the ingredients designed to help bakeries of all sizes meet the ever-changing needs of consumers.

Crumbles, Rubicone

Italian company Rubicones has expanded its range of Crumbles (pictured above) – crunchy inclusions designed to add texture to ice cream and pastry products.

The ready-to-use products are made by coating crumbled butter biscuits with different spreads and creams to enhance both flavour and colour of the final product. Salted caramel, yoghurt, blueberry and speculoos have been added to the range joining coffee, caramel, choco, raspberry, lemon, pistachio, matcha, and white chocolate.

The Crumbles are all gluten free except for speculoos and are produced in Italy, like all Rubicone solutions. They are suitable for multiple applications including as a base or decoration for cakes, in the creation of ice cream biscuits, to add crunch to ice-cream and frozen yoghurt, and for drinks such as milkshakes, hot chocolates and coffee, as well as being ideal for creating plating desserts.

“With our Crumbles, we wanted to develop a very versatile product, suitable for numerous applications and consumption occasions,” said Alessandro Cioccolini, Rubicone director. “In fact, it is both a functional solution that can be customised and a product capable of satisfying the demands of consumers curious to experiment with new flavours and textures, without neglecting the needs of people with gluten intolerance or coeliac disease.”


Croissants on a white plate

Source: CSM Ingredients

SlimBake, CSM Ingredients

CSM is set to help bakers reduce the amount of fats and additives in laminated pastry and bakery products through the creation of two new ingredients – SlimBake and E-Free Margarine.

SlimBake is an emulsion that enables up to a 30% reduction in the fat content of finished bakery products, according to the supplier. The ingredient allows industrial users to keep both the original recipe and the production processes unchanged while adding the claim ‘reduced fat content’ on pack in accordance with EU regulations, CSM said.

E-Free Margarine, meanwhile, is described as a ‘clean label’ ingredient which is ideal for major lamination applications. Both are described as combining natural functional ingredients with advanced production technologies.

“Fats are a segment of great interest for the evolution of the entire food industry,” explained Christian Sobolta, CSM group managing director, noting the innovation centre in Delmenhorst, Germany which is dedicated to the research and development of fats and emulsifiers. “SlimBake and our E-free margarines represent the results of these efforts and are the demonstration that it is absolutely possible to reconcile the pleasure of food with a wellness-conscious approach.”


Cupcakes with peach coloured frosting surrounded by fresh peaches and raspberries

Source: Dawn Foods

Peach Melba Frosting, Dawn Foods

Dawn Foods UK and Ireland has expanded its range of limited-edition ingredients with a Peach Melba Frosting for summer. Combining the flavours of raspberry and creamy peach found in the classic dessert, it is described as an easy-to-use frosting suitable for decorating cupcakes, layer cakes or filling doughnuts to give them a summer makeover. The frosting is freeze-thaw stable as well.

Dawn is advocating that bakers introduce seasonal lines to their sweet bakery offerings to help keep fixtures fresh and to appeal to today’s consumers who are keen to try new and exciting flavours. Peach is among the on-trend flavours for sweet treats this summer, alongside other seasonal fruits and nostalgia-inducing combinations like strawberries and cream.

“This summer peach is everywhere,” said Jacqui Passmore, marketing lead West EU & AMEAP at Dawn Foods. “Pantone announced ‘Peach Fuzz’ as its colour of the year 2024 and since then the colour and flavour of peach has been picked up across dairy, drinks and desserts.”

Dawn Foods has also expanded its range with a selection of Royal Steensma products, following its acquisition of the firm earlier this year. Items available as part of the first release include fat-based flexible compound coating Souplesse, Candied Fruit, premium candied berries Fruitease, and bake-stable citrus zest flavouring paste called Raspel. This, Dawn noted, is only the start of its portfolio expansion plans.



Source: Getty Images / HandmadePictures

Reb D and M, PureCircle by Ingredion

Ingredion will now be able to offer an extended range of its PureCircle ingredients, including Reb D and Reb M, in the UK.

The move comes after the UK government published a new specification authorising PureCircle by Ingredion’s range of steviol glycosides produced via bioconversion in the UK from the 28th of June 2024. As these sweeteners are already approved for use in the EU, this approval will allow food and beverage manufacturers to use the same stevia technologies in both markets, the firm said.

PureCircle’s bioconversion process mirrors the plant’s natural ingredient production process, creating a non-GM stevia sweetener with high sweetness quality, clean taste and zero calories in use. As stevia matures from seedling to full-grown plant, various stevia ingredients are formed. By adding enzymes to purified stevia leaf extract, the maturation of Reb M is completed, just as the leaf does naturally, Ingredion said.

“With the approval of PureCircle’s proprietary bioconversion process in the UK, we are empowering our food and beverage partners with the choice to explore the best stevia solutions for their specific product and application,” said Sue Bancroft, director, healthful solutions, EMEA.

“Whether from leaf extract or bioconversion, this approval opens the door for companies to create better tasting products, without the calories,” Bancroft added.