Matthews Cotswold All-Purpose Regenerative White Flour

Source: Matthews Cotswold Flour

A raft of new bakery ingredients has been unveiled including a natural baking agent, a regenerative white flour, and a range of savoury fillings.

Craft bakers can benefit from the versatility of all-purpose flour, or create snacks with exciting “taste experiences” such as jalapeno cheese or Ras El Hanout, the suppliers said. Elsewhere, large-scale bakeries can achieve a handcrafted feel to their product lines via an innovative inclusion to dough.

Following on from our previous round-up of new ingredient launches, we check out the latest offerings to the baking sector:

GoodMills Innovation

Source: GoodMills Innovation

Slow Milling Range, GoodMills Innovation

The clean-label ingredients brand, part of Europe’s largest milling organisation GoodMills Group, has revamped its Slow Milling range of plant-based bakery solutions. These are said to allow for the creation of high-quality artisanal baked goods that combine creativity with tradition and baking reliability, even on an industrial scale.

A particular ingredient being highlighted is Ferment’tic, a natural baking agent which is claimed to be suitable for aromatic, wheat-based goods with a moist crumb and open crumb structure that impart a handcrafted feel and distinctive flavour profile.

Meanwhile, the gluten-free Snackmaxx masa flours, which are made from selected, non-genetically modified maize varieties, can be used for numerous snack applications.


Matthews Cotswold All-Purpose Regenerative White Flour

Source: Matthews Cotswold Flour

All Purpose Regenerative White Flour, Matthews Cotswold Flour

The speciality flour producer has launched its first all purpose regenerative white flour, created with grains from selected local farms embracing techniques that aim to restore and improve soil health and biodiversity.

Available in 1.5kg and 16kg bags via the company’s website, the flour offers a minimum of 10.5% protein compared to the between 8.5% to 10% protein typically found in plain flour.

“It is strong enough to make basic breads, especially breads that prove in a tin, but also soft enough to make more delicate bakes such as cakes, pastries and biscuits,” commented Matthews Cotswold Flour bakery development manager Sophie Carey.

The company also introduced four new Stoneground Heritage Grain Flours to its portfolio earlier this year.


Raps fillings for bakery snacks

Source: Raps

Savoury Fillings & Coatec Process, Raps

The spice and flavour specialist has unveiled some aromatic additions to its range of ingredients designed for ready-to-eat bakery snacks.

New ‘taste experiences’ include Hot Jalapeno Cheese, Oriental Green Pea Mint, and the increasingly popular spice mix, Ras El Hanout, while the plant-based Mediterranean Tuna can be used as a vegan filling. Raps also offers herbs and spices in sprinkle or paste formats, that can be incorporated into dough to give added appeal in terms of flavour and appearance.

In the meantime, the Raps Coatec process provides functional core materials with a protective layer, which helps shield them from external influences such as temperature, moisture and oxidation, and enable a controlled release of ingredients, it said. For example, microencapsulated acids and preservatives improve the shelf life and dough properties of tortillas, flatbreads, sandwich and toast bread, as well as bread rolls and buns. Additionally, functional carbonates enable improved control of the baking process in cakes and muffins.