Dawn Foods' Pak Perfect Icing on Cinnamon Swirls

Source: Dawn Foods

Suppliers are helping bakers to elevate their creations with new ingredients including a non-sticky icing, innovative vanilla, vegan chocolate chips, and zero-calorie sweeteners.

The suppliers are keen to utilise the latest food technology advances, as showcased in our previous round-up, or develop products in line with emerging flavour or dietary trends.

Take a look at the latest ingredients destined for the mixing bowl here:


Dawn Foods Doughnuts with Pak Perfect Icing

Source: Dawn Foods

Pak Perfect Icing, Dawns Foods

This freeze/thaw stable non-sticky icing uses a propriety formulation that prevents the migration of water into the finished bakery product. This provides a completely dry finish to baked goods, which remains non-sticky for up to five days in packaging, and as a result allows the items to stay fresher for longer, Dawn Foods said.

Bakers can simply warm the icing to 45°C and apply to freshly baked products before cooling or freezing.

The icing is vegan, gluten-free and fat-free and suitable for the likes of iced buns, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, muffins and more.

Dawn Foods also offers Exceptional Non-Sticky Donut Glaze using the same formulation to stop oils and fats from being absorbed, which helps enhance a doughnut’s appearance and shelf life.


Norohy Tadoka Vanilla, Henley Bridge - product and packaging

Source: Henley Bridge

Norohy Tadoka Vanilla, Henley Bridge

Co-developed with chefs, this new ‘one step, single use’ ingredient supplied by Henley Bridge is made from a concentrate of Planifolia and Tahitensis vanilla varieties, billed as offering the perfect dose of vanilla with woody, floral and aniseed notes.

The solid gem-shaped 4g doses are easy to melt or grate and provide a precise, repeatable measure. They also generate zero waste, as opposed to when using vanilla bean pods, and even open up possibilities to explore vanilla in savoury recipes, the firm said.


Oat Mylk Chocolate Chips & Chocolate-covered Nibs, Food Thoughts

Source: Food Thoughts

Chocolate Chips and Cacao Nibs, Food Thoughts

Both of these inclusions from ethically-sourced supplier Food Thoughts are free of dairy, gluten, and nuts and thus suitable for vegans and those with specific dietary requirements.

The Oat Mylk Chocolate Chips are crafted with 43% cacao solids from single-origin ‘fino de aroma’ beans, mixed with oat and rice powder for taste and creaminess. They are available in 200g tubs (rsp £4.60) at Waitrose and Holland & Barrett stores from September.

Meanwhile, the Chocolate Coated Nibs feature nibs of ‘fino de aroma’ cacao beans dipped in rich, dark chocolate to deliver an intense flavour and added nutritional value of antioxidants, fibre and iron. They are in 190g tubs (rsp £4.60) at Waitrose stores from September.


PureCircle™ Clean Taste Solutions by Ingredion (stevia sweetener)

Source: Ingredion

PureCircle™ Clean Taste Solutions, Ingredion

This portfolio of stevia sweeteners is designed to provide clean-tasting sweetness across several food and drink categories including bakery. Ingredion says its new zero calorie sweetening solutions utilise more of the stevia plant for increased performance and cost in use.

“These stevia solutions go one step further by harnessing more of the synergies between molecules in the stevia leaf, including Reb M, to create the best possible taste outcome for specific applications for up to 100% sugar reduction,” said Nate Yates, global platform lead for sugar reduction at Ingredion, who added that Reb M was widely acknowledged as the best tasting glycoside on the market.