Matthews Cotswold Flour Stoneground Khorasan Group

Source: Matthews Cotswold Flour

Matthews Cotswold Flour has added three stoneground wholegrain ancient grain flours to its range in response to ‘increasing demand from artisan bakers’.

In addition to the new products, the company has also launched a new website from which bakers can purchase the flour.

The brand’s latest three varieties of flour are as follows:

  • Wholegrain Einkorn Flour (RRP £4.50 for 1.5kg) – suited for pancake, pizza and other recipes that require wholemeal flour.
  • Wholegrain Emmer Flour (RRP £3.90 for 1.5kg) – can be blended into bread recipes and produces a ‘robust, nutty, and slightly sweet taste’.
  • Wholegrain Khorasan Flour (RRP £3.90 for 1.5kg) – a coarse, yellow, highly absorbent wholemeal flour with a buttery flavour, which the manufacturer recommends for blending into sourdough recipes, flatbreads, brownies and biscuits.

“We are delighted to be expanding our unrivalled selection of speciality flours with the addition of these new stoneground wholegrain ancient grain flours,” said Bertie Matthews, managing director of Matthews Cotswold Flour.

“Einkorn, emmer and khorasan are amazing ingredients that have remained unchanged for centuries. We love creating flour from these grains because they are fantastic for baking and offer a unique taste and fantastic nutritional value.”

Matthews, the latest incumbent at the helm of the 200-year-old family business, added that the flours are sustainably farmed in a way that benefits the soil and the farmer. “That’s something that is hugely important to us as a producer,” he said.

“We have combined our unparalleled experience of traditional milling practices with these fantastic raw ingredients to create three new distinctive flours as part of our mission to lead the way in meeting the needs of an increasingly ambitious baking population.

“We work closely with a team of artisan bakers and listen to our customers to ensure that we constantly impress them with our choice of flours and we are delighted with the latest additions,” Matthews added.