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British Baker is enhancing its online reader experience by asking users to register to access the full content offer.

Known as ‘metered access’, the move will mean people who read more than two British Baker stories over a 45-day period will be asked to enter their details.

The process is completely free. We’ll just ask you for your email address and basic industry-specific demographics, such as the company you work for, the type of company it is and your job function.

Once you’ve created an account and signed in, our system will remember your device meaning you don’t have to sign in every time you visit on the same device. If this isn’t happening, please check your browser settings and ensure you are allowing cookies on our website.

Existing newsletter subscribers will continue to receive the newsletters as normal and will not need to fill in the metered access form. They may need to sign in on the website to view all the content.

The benefits of registering include:

  • Unlimited access to articles on British Baker’s website
  • Regular newsletters to your inbox
  • Access to our exclusive, in-depth reports, including the Bakery Market Report and Top Bakery Trends
  • The ability to save articles to read later or refer back to
  • A more personalised experience.

Why register?

Some may ask why they are being asked to register for a free service. British Baker prides itself on its independent journalism, and this is a free and simple way to help us sustain it.

We want British Baker to be as informative and inspirational as possible. Metered access allows us to gain a better understanding of our readers and the types of content they engage with on our website. The team can then use this knowledge to create more of the content our readers want and deliver it in new and exciting ways.

In addition, as we still rely on advertising to fund our work, one of the ways we protect the future of our journalism is by using data. When you sign in we are able to collect and store your data (in a GDPR compliant way) to better inform the marketing and advertising we tailor to you. We believe advertising shouldn’t be a hinderance but can help you if it is relevant and appropriate.

You will always be able to control your own privacy. We think carefully about our use of your data and have a privacy notice and a cookie statement explaining how we collect, use, share and transfer your personal data, as well as a team dedicated to keeping that data safe and secure.

Welcome to the next stage in British Baker’s digital evolution!