Galaxy Digestives

Source: Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats

Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats is launching a rival to McVitie’s digestives with the debut of Galaxy chocolate digestive biscuits.

Galaxy milk chocolate digestive biscuits and Galaxy orange digestive biscuits are launching into Asda from the end of December, with an rsp of £1.89 for a 300g pack. They will be exclusive to the retailer for three months before rolling out to other stores and wholesalers.

Mars said that, despite a third of households eating chocolate digestives, branded choice was extremely limited.

“There has been very little challenge to the market leader in recent years, even though research would suggest that there is space for market challenger brand to occupy,” explained Mars Chocolate Drinks and Treats general manager Michelle Frost. “Particularly one that reaches different occasions and appeals to a wider spectrum of shopper demographics.”

Mars added that its own research had shown that 42% of regular chocolate digestive purchasers would prefer Galaxy chocolate on their digestive versus their current choice.

“This number rises to 55% in 18 to 25-year-olds, suggesting there is a fantastic opportunity for retailers to increase penetration with our Galaxy chocolate digestive biscuits.”

Mars biscuit products are produced by Burton’s Biscuit Company, which was this year merged with Fox’s Biscuits to form a new business called Fox’s Burton’s Companies (FBC) UK.

The merging of Fox’s and Burton’s followed their acquisition by a Ferrero-related company in autumn 2020 and summer 2021 respectively. Simon Browne is leading the new business as CEO, having worked as managing director for Burton’s since August 2015.

“After many years of looking at one another, we are excited about bringing together two businesses that share the same passion for crafting British biscuits with care, quality and innovation,” Browne said at the time.