Proper Cornish’s new £4m factory in Bodmin has been “slightly delayed” from its earmarked June opening.

The 73,000sq ft facility will produce more than 50,000 hand-crimped pasties a day as well as other products from more than 70 recipes.

Some elements of the factory are already up and running and by the time it officially opens it will have the capacity to produce 575,000 units a day. The company supplies to wholesale, retail, private label and foodservice customers.

Proper Cornish will “keep hold” of its old factory for “continuity”. Mark Muncey, marketing director, said: “One factory will be used for working on efficiencies and one to work on niche products.” Essentially, the old factory will become a test site for NPD.

The company also has “a big focus on universities” and will be repeating its Fresher’s Week campaign this September, with more details to come.

Proper Cornish has launched a raft of new products this year including a four-strong range of mini pies: steak and ale; chicken, bacon and leek; asparagus and mushroom; and sausage pie. The pies are made in a star shape to make them easier to eat on the go, as they are easily held and the shape restricts the filling from falling out.

Other recent launches that are “doing well” are a chorizo sausage roll and a Philly cheesesteak slice.