Food handling equipment supplier Invicta has appointed an expert in industrial bakeware to its sales team.

Trevor Talbot (pictured above) has more than 30 years’ experience in design, manufacture and sales of industrial bakeware and has worked with businesses ranging from large plant bakeries to individual craft bakers.

He will work alongside Invicta’s existing sales managers, servicing customers across the UK, with a particular emphasis on Scotland and Ireland.

“We are delighted to welcome Trevor to our team,” said Invicta managing director John Waddington. “He has a very broad experience of the bakeware and food production industry and is extremely well-regarded in the field.

“We are sure our customers will benefit greatly from this knowledge in terms of advice on product selection and, ultimately, product development, particularly with bespoke orders.”

Talbot said his role would include helping customers select the correct type of bakeware.

“Recent technologies have led to the availability of new ranges, such as non-stick and specially reinforced products, designed to cope with increased wear and tear or particular added ingredients. As such, some coatings are definitely more suitable for certain types of bakes than others.

“As well as helping customers buy new or replacement equipment, I will also advise them on how best to maintain products and reap maximum benefit in terms of product performance and efficiency. This would include whether or not an item can be re-coated, when it stops being cost-efficient to re-coat, and how best to clean and store a product.”