The gang who stole £20,000 of Jammie Dodgers from a Burton’s Biscuits factory in Cwmbran, Wales, have been jailed for more than 11 years.

The thieves stole the biscuits in the early morning of 17 June 2015 when one posed as a delivery man.

He drove a tractor and trailer, previously stolen in Kent, and convinced the guard that it was his first visit to the factory. He then went to the distribution office and exchanged his stolen trailer for one filled with biscuits and other foodstuffs.

Antony Edgerton, 35, was jailed for 44 months; Paul Price, 38, for 40 months; Kieron Price, 28, was given a sentence of 18 months, and Stephen Burrows and Aaron Walsh were given 16 months each.

Pleaded guilty

The gang pleaded guilty to charges of theft of goods, theft of vehicles, and theft by finding and allowing themselves to be carried in vehicles without consent.

Egerton and Paul Price also admitted to handling and stealing a tractor and trailer containing £43,000 worth of lager, a month before the Jammie Dodgers theft.