Apuro (Solihull) has extended its Quattro range of heavy-duty planetary mixers with the addition of two larger models – the QPM30 and QPM40.

The mixing bowls have respective capacities of 30 litres and 40 litres and can be used for dough preparation or lighter duties, such as the preparation of eggs, cream and mayonnaise.

Safety micro-switches on the bowl cover and guard maintain operator safety. Both bowl and guard are made from stainless steel, and the overall construction ensures a long life, says Apuro.

The Quattro mixers feature a ‘number 12’ hub that is compatible with accessories from traditional brands. This means bakers can switch to the new Quattro mixers but still use their favourite attachments.

A beater, whisk and dough hook are supplied, and optional mincer and vegetable preparation attachments are available.