Allied Bakeries has been forced to withdraw a television advertisement for Kingsmill Wholegrain & White bread, after being rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The advertisement, launched in January, claims the product is “The only white bread with the extra goodness of the whole of the grain but without any bits!” It adds: “Other bakers only use part of the grain.”

But British Bakeries complained the advert was misleading as its Hovis Best of Both also includes the whole of the grain, without any bits, and had done for some time. The ASA said it had received assurances from Allied Bakeries that its bread included all elements of the grain, and other bakeries just used part of the grain such as wheatgerm.

Allied Bakeries was confident it was the only baker to include the whole of the grain in its bread. But British Bakeries confirmed the process for making its white bread included all of the grain.

Allied Bakeries was told not to show the advert again in its existing format.