BakeMark UK has added three new multiseed bread ingredients to its Arkady range - Waldkorn Classic, Waldkorn Krokant and Combicorn Malzsonne.

Following the launch of its Seeds ’n’ Grains mix, the new Multiseeded mixes have been designed to cater to consumers’ growing desire for seeded breads. Data from TNS Superpanel (52 w/e 13 July 2008) shows a growth in seeded bread sales of 15.5%.

Waldkorn Classic features malted cereals, oats and sunflower seeds. Waldkorn Krokant has a lighter malt and rye taste and also features semolina, linseed, sunflower. Combicorn Malzsonne is designed to create a richer rye bread and features sunflower seeds, spelt with rye, potato and sourdough.

"BakeMark is focusing on taste and health across its ranges," said David Astles, marketing manager for artisan breads at BakeMark UK. "We are researching products that help bakers offer profitable lines, while meeting traditional preferences."