Bakers will take centre-stage at Morrisons stores, as the chain embarks on a strategy to reinvent itself as a cut-price Waitrose.

Bakery counters will be more visible as part of its Market Street concept - fresh food counters intended to mimic an old-fahioned shopping experience. New packaging will flag up the 1,700 product lines, such as pizzas and sandwiches, made at Morrisons stores, while chief executive Marc Bolland aims to introduce a new slogan, to replace ’More reasons to shop at Morrisons’, in a bid to emphasise its fresh food and good service.

He admitted that some shoppers perceived it as merely a low-price store but said the chain’s unique ownership of bakeries, packaging plants and abbattoirs should give it a competitive advantage over bigger rivals. Morrisons plans to open more smaller stores and extend 42 stores this year.