12-year-old Niamh has been helping Brook Food with the donations

12-year-old Niamh has been helping Brook Food manage the donation amounts

Brook Food has donated £3,600 from the sale of Rofco ovens to its local NHS charity Love Musgrove.

The Somerset-based equipment supplier had promised to donate £50 from every Rofco oven it sold during lockdown. As of 4 May, it had taken 30 orders resulting in an initial donation of £1,500. Between then and the 15 June, when retail was brought out of lockdown, it has taken another 42 orders adding £2,100 to its donation – bringing the grand total to £3,600.

Demand for Rofco ovens had increased over this period, Brook said, as many are baking bread at a community level to serve demand that’s growing across village shops, micro bakeries and other outlets. Rofco, it added, suits these types of producers due to its size.

“We wanted to show our appreciation for the orders of Rofco ovens we are taking but also to those bakers for bravely baking for their communities and the public,” the company said.

“We want to give back and support these nurses and organisations in any way that we can, and feel this may help in just a very small way.”

Brook also gave special thanks to 12-year-old Niamh, daughter of the company’s fulfilment manager, who helped to manage the donation amounts while she’s been off school during lockdown.