n Supermarkets could be made to adopt the traffic light system of food labelling in a deal made between the Department of Health, the Food Standards Agency and the European Union, according to the Daily Telegraph. Public health minister Dawn Primarolo has confirmed it is the government's favoured option, but Tesco, and around 50 other firms, prefer a system of guided daily amounts to alert consumers on health issues.

What the judges said

About skills achievement and Paul Barker:

What the judges said

About marketing and Tricia Barker:

Cinnamon Square at a glance

Established: November 2005

Theatre of baking

Husband and wife partnership Tricia and Paul Barker run a very individual bakery and café called Cinnamon Square, in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. What makes it unusual is that this is Britain's first 'theatre of baking', where customers can watch the bakers make cakes and pastries and quiz them about how they do it. This area is known as the Makery. Children's parties can be held here and Paul Barker also runs evening courses in bread and cake-making.

June 1894

"Tabloid" tea is the finest Ceylon and Indian teas compressed into a small tablet of uniform size.

Top toasters: Krusty's rotating toaster

Debate raged on one blogging site recently about the merits of this amateur inventor's solution to that age-old riddle: how do you toast your bread evenly? This beautifully illustrated idea involves an electric motor to turn the centre shaft, and "the slow rotation of the gear shaft produces a more evenly toasted piece of bread." Comments included:

On breathing properly

Bad habits - whether it's smoking, drinking or over-eating - are the bane of society and a drain on the NHS. But who ever considered breathing through one's mouth an outrageous habit? Yes, you guessed who. There appear to be one or two major health risks involved in Dr Allinson's remedy, but what do we know, eh?

Donuts on the brain

Krispy Kreme donuts play key role in neurological research, shock! New research from Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine sheds light on why our brains kick into action at the sight of sweet fried dough. Subjects taking part were tested twice - after chomping down as many as eight Krispy Kreme donuts, and after fasting for eight hours. They were then shown pictures of donuts and screwdrivers, while having their brains scanned. After the eating binge, their brains registered little interest in the donut images, while the opposite was true following the fast. "The brain is able to detect what is motivationally significant. It says, not only am I hungry, but here is food," said senior author Marsel Mesulam, professor of the bloomin' obvious.

March 14

"The meat and potato ones are really good"

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