Austrian appeal

This is a real classic from Switzerland and Austria, where it's as well-known as a Bakewell Tart is here.

What does 'foodservice' actually mean?

Defra's Food Service and Eating Out: An Economic Survey (2007), defines foodservice suppliers as providers of food items to catering outlets that offer eating locations outside the home. But retailers are increasingly supplying foodservice-style products for consumption at home and the range of retail outlets offering food (eg, sandwiches), virtually indistinguishable from that of takeaways, is growing.

Have a good service game

It's great to see a new report highlighting an opportunity for more sales of snazzy cakes in the foodservice sector. Well, it would be if anyone could agree on what on earth foodservice actually means.

To top it all

W ith increasing consumer awareness about what they are eating, the current trend is the use of natural fresh ingredients. It's easier for small craft bakers who sell locally to use more fresh fruit pieces in their toppings, as many have a relatively short shelf-life and are made for immediate consumption. "The biggest trend, though, is that people want premium products and they are actually willing to pay for them," says Stuart Allan, operations and development director of Indulgence Patisserie.

Want some advice? Talk to CenFRA

Manufacturers and bakers will be able to get free advice on automating their plants from CenFRA, a newly-formed body whose vision is to to provide independent, affordable automation solutions.

Kit to fit

Düsseldorf's giant exhibition halls swallowed up more than 179,000 visitors over the seven days of Interpack, a monster, triennial processes and packaging bash. More than 2,700 exhibitors, including packaging and processing equipment manufacturers, used the event to launch their very latest models, boasting improved efficiency and sophisticated technology. Both traditional and "eco-friendly" packaging manufacturers also used Interpack as a springboard for their launches.

Seriously wasted

With landfill tax now costing £32 a tonne and set to rise by £8/tonne every year until 2012, business is facing an inflation-busting bill for its waste.

Recruitment needs to start young

I'd like to reply to the comment by tutor Jim Bridge in the 16 May edition of BB, about the fact that we need to be looking at 13 to 14-year-olds. Alas, most school careers officers don't have a clue about bakery as a career.

Seasonal seller

Fresh apricots are available now, and as they need a warm climate to thrive, most of the apricots on sale in Britain during the summer come from European countries revelling in hot climates. They are cultivated in many areas worldwide from Asia to Australia, North Africa to the USA. Many of these are sold dried.

Sandwich guru: Adam Gilbert

A lot of time is spent here at the SoHo Sandwich Co working with both our chefs and numerous bread suppliers to create interesting combinations of fillings with the right bread to bring out the flavour. We need to use a perfectly balanced selection of flavours and textures to make the customers keep coming back.

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