In my world: cake maker

As Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte descended on London recently with the arrival of Sex And The City, never did the humble cupcake enjoy such fashion iconic status.

Redundancy duty

Employers are obliged to provide information to, and consult with, trade union or other appropriate representatives where they propose to make 20 or more employees redundant at one establishment within 90 days or less.

Bluebird flies in for AM

Kettering-based labelling, bar-coding and software solution specialist AM Labels, has added the world's first 3.5" screen all-in-one PDA, the Bluebird, to its portfolio. The Bluebird offers powerful functionality, integrated GPS receiver with worldwide navigation capability and is teamed with a large 3.5" screen, suitable for sales and mobile staff where the automation of business processes is imperative. AM says the PDA is suitable for tracking electronic ticketing, product data and customer information.

Snow business at Eurotek

Eurotek has launched a snow removal system for frozen food manufacturers. Designed to keep evaporator fins clear of snow, it allows freezing lines to run for twice as long between defrosts.

FWB puts on its gloves

FWB Products has launched a range of gloves for the catering and foodservice industries. The range includes nitrile, latex, temperature-resistant, chain mail and disposable varieties. The gloves have been designed to be compliant with all relevant food legislation and regulations.

EPP expands deck offer

European Process Plant launched a deck oven from MIWE at the Baking Industry Exhibition earlier this year. The MIWE condo has all the features of a professional rack oven, but takes up less space and "handles everything from delicate pastry to hearty bread".

Apuro plugs the gap

Distributor Apuro has introduced the low-cost Samsung semi-commercial microwave oven to "fill the gap between light-duty domestic models and more expensive, larger commercial microwaves". The Samsung Superlite CM1039K has a power output of 1,000w and has a black metal outer cabinet and stainless steel inner cavity. Apuro says it is "designed to withstand the demand of a semi-commercial environment" and is suitable for small cafés, where microwaves are not the main source of cooking.

60-second sales pitch Julie Croker, managing director, Katermart

What's new?

Drink Me Chai choc variety

Drink Me Chai has added a new flavour to its range at Caffè Culture. Chocolate Spice Chai is made from a blend of cocoa and the traditional Chai blend of spices, black tea, and skimmed milk. It joins the existing range, which includes Spiced, Vanilla and Peppermint flavours.

Gatorade revamp

Brand owner PepsiCo International has got Ziggurat Brands to redesign the packaging for Gatorade for its first scale launch in the UK. The refreshed packaging has been designed to emphasise the brand's sports performance benefits.

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