Ribena's juicy duo appeal

Ribena is supporting its recently launched Ribena 100% Pure Juices, with a £3m TV and radio advertising campaign to heighten awareness of its new 100% Pure Juice's two flavours - Blackcurrant Blend and Raspberry & Blackberry Blend. Airing now, the 'Juicer' campaign focuses on the range's "nothing but pure fruit juices" selling point, and features people trying, and failing, to juice their own fruit, with humorous consequences.

Bio energy rush

Bio-Synergy, which specialises in functional waters, sports energy drinks and supplements, has added three new functional waters to its range. Bio-Synergy Fitness Water, Bio-Synergy Gym Tonic and Bio-Synergy Sub Zero, have been designed to help complement workouts.

Let's get technical

The importance of investing in the future of the industry emerged as a key theme at this year's SAMB (Scottish Association of Master Bakers) Technical Sessions, which were held at the Peebles Hydro Hotel. Guest speaker Pat Smyth, who is president of the Irish Association of Master Bakers and managing director of AB Mauri company Yeast Products, stressed the need to address the industry's "low skills base", adding that "educational support is becoming an issue". He also identified a problem with retaining people in the industry.

Sunset for organics?

How do we solve a problem like organics? Once the hills were alive with the sound of ringing cash tills, as the organic market continued its decade-long steady growth. But the organic idyll was recently upset by an ominous rumbling in the form of new data, which showed that the organics market suffered the first year-on-year downturn in sales this year in April (source TNS Global).

The way the fortune cookie crumbles

There have been, I admit, quite a few occasions when I've made a decision that didn't really work out as planned, such as the location for a shop. Then, through a stroke of good fortune, someone has come along and made me an offer for the site that gave me a good profit - and I always took the credit for being so far-sighted.


California Raisins

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Food in the News

The Guardian featured a letter that challenged the notion that rising grain costs has contributed greatly to soaring prices on the shelves. It said: "According to the EU directorate for agriculture, the grain cost within 'bread, cereals and respective products' fell from 19% in 1970/71 to 4% by 2002/03. It suggests that food prices are more sensitive to cost increases in the other 96% of the retail cost of bread. The non-cereal cost components include energy-intensive food processing, packaging and transport."

Reporting in Growing a skilled workforce

The Association of Bakery Ingredient Manufacturers (ABIM) held a forum on 6 June focusing on Growing a Sustainable Bakery Industry. The theme included social, economic and environmental topics.

Steve's Cakes gains keys to Pallas

Steve's Cakes in Antrim, which produces homemade cakes and traybakes, is to supply one of Ireland's leading foodservice organisations, Pallas Foods.

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