California Raisins drives concentrate for bakery

California Raisins is promoting its juice concentrate for use in the production of baked goods, confectionery and snacks.

Cookies to beat crunch

Rich Products has added filled cookies to its product portfolio. They come in two varieties - Chocolate Cookie with a cream filling and Vanilla Cookie with a milk chocolate filling.

European pastry specialist announces the arrival of Chocolate Praline Croissants

Bakehouse has announced the launch of a new Chocolate Praline Croissant for the foodservice industry. The product has a chocolate and hazelnut filling and is topped with chocolate and nibbed hazelnut.

Bakery goods in fine spirit

A number of festive bakery products have been developed using branded alcohol from culinary alcohol supplier Thomas Lowndes - part of Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. Tesco is now using Courvoisier VS Cognac in its Finest Mince Pie range, while Asda uses the same product in its Extra Special Christmas Cakes, made by Finsbury Food Group. "The addition of a well-known brand like Courvoisier gives the product something special," said Ellie Procter, buyer for Asda.

New mixer causes a stir

Pantheon has developed its new heavy-duty PM20 Planetary Mixer. The body of the machine is made from solid metal and die-cast aluminium, while the 20-litre mixing bowl and beater, whisk and dough hook are all made from stainless steel. It is powered by a 1.1kW motor and features three speed settings.

König system keeps it cool

European bakery equipment manufacturer König has launched an updated version of its vacuum cooling system the Ceovac. It allows bread, rolls and pastry products to be part-baked without being kept in freezers or on board refrigerated vehicles.

Friul juicers unveiled

Apuro has unveiled its new Friul juice extractors and is marketing them as a way for bakery retailers, cafés and coffee shops to encourage healthy eating by offering pure fruit or vegetable juice. The machines can also be used to juice vegetables as a base for cold soup.

Health range set to grow

Nine new Weight Watchers breads are to be launched in January, joining the three already available.


New research conducted by the Institute of Food Research (IFR), entitled Potential Prebiotic Properties of Almond Seeds, has found that finely ground almonds could have prebiotic properties, which can stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria.

Nut pricing:

Almonds: Continue to look good value against other commodities and tree nuts in particular. Also seasonally and predictably, September to November shipments from California have been strong to date and higher than previous years.

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