California Raisins drives concentrate for bakery

California Raisins is promoting its juice concentrate for use in the production of baked goods, confectionery and snacks.

Cookies to beat crunch

Rich Products has added filled cookies to its product portfolio. They come in two varieties - Chocolate Cookie with a cream filling and Vanilla Cookie with a milk chocolate filling.

European pastry specialist announces the arrival of Chocolate Praline Croissants

Bakehouse has announced the launch of a new Chocolate Praline Croissant for the foodservice industry. The product has a chocolate and hazelnut filling and is topped with chocolate and nibbed hazelnut.

Bakery goods in fine spirit

A number of festive bakery products have been developed using branded alcohol from culinary alcohol supplier Thomas Lowndes - part of Beam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. Tesco is now using Courvoisier VS Cognac in its Finest Mince Pie range, while Asda uses the same product in its Extra Special Christmas Cakes, made by Finsbury Food Group. "The addition of a well-known brand like Courvoisier gives the product something special," said Ellie Procter, buyer for Asda.

New mixer causes a stir

Pantheon has developed its new heavy-duty PM20 Planetary Mixer. The body of the machine is made from solid metal and die-cast aluminium, while the 20-litre mixing bowl and beater, whisk and dough hook are all made from stainless steel. It is powered by a 1.1kW motor and features three speed settings.

König system keeps it cool

European bakery equipment manufacturer König has launched an updated version of its vacuum cooling system the Ceovac. It allows bread, rolls and pastry products to be part-baked without being kept in freezers or on board refrigerated vehicles.

Friul juicers unveiled

Apuro has unveiled its new Friul juice extractors and is marketing them as a way for bakery retailers, cafés and coffee shops to encourage healthy eating by offering pure fruit or vegetable juice. The machines can also be used to juice vegetables as a base for cold soup.

Health range set to grow

Nine new Weight Watchers breads are to be launched in January, joining the three already available.


New research conducted by the Institute of Food Research (IFR), entitled Potential Prebiotic Properties of Almond Seeds, has found that finely ground almonds could have prebiotic properties, which can stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria.

Nut pricing:

Almonds: Continue to look good value against other commodities and tree nuts in particular. Also seasonally and predictably, September to November shipments from California have been strong to date and higher than previous years.

Reporting in

== Nick Harris ==

Consumer Tracking

Latte is the new lager, according to new research commissioned by Costa Coffee. The survey, conducted by market research agency Opinion Matters, revealed that coffee shops have overtaken pubs as the UK's favourite social hang-out.

Subway stores outpace McDonald's

Sandwich chain Subway plans to open another 650 stores in the UK and Ireland by 2010. It has now overtaken McDonald's for the greatest number of stores in both countries, with a total of 1,350 outlets. The company, which has grown from 25 stores in the UK and Ireland in 2000, is now averaging five new openings a week and, globally, has more than 30,000 stores operating in over 87 countries.

Asda opens up the doors to Great Britain for Irwin's Irish Batch range

Northern Irish bakery Irwin's has achieved a 300-store distribution deal with Asda for its Irish Batch range.

In Short

== Northern highlights ==

Aldi plans Irish expansion drive

Discount supermarket Aldi is to expand in Ireland, with 35 new stores planned.

Hovis sales on the rise, as Premier reviews debt

Premier Foods' interim management statement has revealed sales of Hovis are up 11% for the four months to October.

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== Malted inclusion ==

FSA revises origin guide for labels

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published revised guidance for country-of-origin labelling, designed to benefit consumers and to further the FSA's commitment to improve food labelling and consistency.

Patisserie Valerie drives on with expansion plans

Premium café chain Patisserie Valerie is forging ahead with expansion plans, despite the economic downturn, opening four more outlets in the next fortnight and a further nine by the spring of next year.

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== Softer style ==

Scottish firm moves into custom-built bakery

Scottish bakery Stephens plans to expand its chain of shops and fleet of snack vans after moving into a custom-built £4.5m bakery.

NSA group moves to clarify future training

The steering group tasked with drawing up a new industry-stan-dard foundation skills course for bakery moved to clarify issues surrounding the future of bakery qualifications, following sector skills council Improve's announcement (BB, pg 6, 14 November) that it would be reforming the structure of qualifications.

Firkins closes 20 shops as bank crisis hits home

A West Midlands bakery group has become the first bakery casualty of the banking crisis, after being hit by banks reducing credit.

Finsbury sees slowdown in cake growth

Finsbury Foods' sales for the 20 weeks to mid-November were up 11% on the same 2007/08 period, with sales in its cake division up 3% year-on-year.

UK wheat quality down as final results emerge

UK wheat quality is down compared to last season according to the HGCA's final 2008 Cereals Quality Survey.

In Short

== Scottish baker closes ==

Greencore initiatives drive cakes

Food producer Greencore has revealed that its cakes and desserts business has performed well for the full year ended 26 September 2008.

Subway takes the lead on healthy eating pledge

Coffee shop chains are to follow Subway's lead by announcing Food Standards Agency (FSA)-agreed healthy eating commit- ments next year,

Worker void appears as immigrants return home

Craft bakeries fear a massive skills shortage, as the flow of bakers from Eastern Europe dries up and those already here return home.

The future for labels

The EC Commission has published a proposal to update and simplify the complex and long-standing rules that control food labelling. As a Regulation, the final text adopted will apply directly in Member States, without national redrafting or the scope for gold-plating. This would prevent, more reliably than previously, the emergence of bar-riers to trade between Member States on the basis of food labelling inconsistencies. Negotiations are ongoing and the final text may be significantly different from that currently proposed, but bakery manufacturers and retailers need to be aware of what's on the table.

Wallace & Gromit's Top Bun adventure

The makers of the latest Wallace & Gromit outing, A Matter of Loaf And Death, have revealed more plot details of the film, which will see the pair running a bakery called Top Bun.
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Improving loaf quality in high output plant bakeries



Baker Perkins has responded to the growing need for plant bakers to enhance quality, with innovative developments in mixing, dividing and moulding equipment. These concentrate on improved mixing and gentle dough handling, identified as essential in raising and maintaining product standards, without compromising economy of production.

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Anti-theft lunch bags

For all the office workers maddened by their sandwiches being pilfered from the fridge - or for students in shared accommodation - comes this nifty bag, which gives the sarnie the appearance of being covered in mould. Another possible benefit for retailers could be selling out-of-date mouldy sarnies - the fake mould acting as a crafty disguise for the real mould underneath (but of course, we wouldn't recommend that, Mr Trading Standards Officer).

The genius of Dr Allinson

Over the past year we have grown to love the undisputed godfather of bowel regulation via his bygone missives, resurrected in BB. But how much do we really know about him? Here's a remarkable insight into his daily routine - an example we should perhaps all strive to follow. This is especially true when it come to spicing up your life - what better way to treat yourself than with a bowl of boiled onions?

Mouthing off

"If you think Islington is all air-kissing, cocaine-snorting, gym-going, Guardian-reading, latté-slurping, organic, free-range, GM-free munching fashionistas, think again. It's worse than that - much, much worse than that"

Holey cow!

It is common in areas of India for cows, considered by Hindus to be a sacred animal, to stroll the streets freely. Some are known to regularly wander into shops. But finding a cow chomping away at the bakery goods in his shop was a step too far for one New Delhi baker, who ended the bovine's carefree munching by stabbing it to death.

Festive fir

Easy-to-make edible breads over seasonal periods are a sure-fire winner. I demonstrated this technique at the Bakers' Fair and everyone was amazed at how simple, but effective these breads were.

Detox deals

It took several hundred loaves of bread, a tonne of ostrich meat and 1,500 chefs to prepare. But Iran's attempt to make the world's largest ostrich sandwich wasn't just to notch up an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The monster snack was also created to raise the profile of healthy eating - given ostrich meat's reputation as a low-fat, low-cholesterol alternative to chicken.

Design and function: the balancing act

Oliver Blank is from Aichinger, a German shopfitting firm handling the McCafé roll-out over there, as well as Birds of Derby and Waterfields over here. Richard Hamilton of Agile Space's clients have included Pret A Manger, Lovejuice, Itsu, FooGo and independent coffee and bakery retailers. Franco Costa heads up Costagroup - a cutting-edge Italian shopfitter that has fitted everywhere from McDonald's in Italy to Paul in France.

The Princi principle

A long-time destination for anything from gay bondage wear to, well, gay bondage, pockmarked with seedy snaking stairways and haunted by trench-coated gents shuffling into ribbon-stripped doorways, Soho is the scene of many a piquant fancy. Not least of these is Alan Yau's altogether more salubrious fetish: opening eating holes.

Fresh from the farm

We bake our cakes with eggs fresh from the farm, which gives them a really good colour," says Liz Hedges of Bryngwenyn Farm, who hand-collects eggs from her brood of hens daily. "We believe in proper free-range chickens, which can make it a bit harder to locate the eggs!" she adds. But despite the extra trouble tracking down the odd maverick chicken nest, the resulting cakes have proved a popular seller in her on-site shop. "I always baked cakes and, when we opened the shop, it seemed natural that there would be a cakes offering," says Hedges.

Sandwich guru

We have recently been developing a range of 'open sandwiches' for a chain of excellent gastro-pubs we supply, writes The SoHo Sandwich Company's Adam Gilbert.

Seasonal seller

Although available all year round in frozen or dried form, fresh cranberries are in season now. Native to North America, they are the fruit of low-growing, creeping shrubs that grow in acidic bogs. When the fruit turns red in early October, the beds are flooded and a harvester removes the fruit from the vines. The fruits are graded for quality and 95% are used for drinks, sauces and sweetened dried cranberries. The best quality are sold fresh or frozen.

Baking from the archives: rye bread

== by Sue Davies ==

In my world - the deli bakery

== Jo Fairley is co-owner of Judges organic bakery and grocery in Hastings and co-founded Green & Black's chocolate firm with hubby Craig Sams ==

Pepsi talks entertaining on the phone

Britvic and PepsiCo have announced that Pepsi will be incorporating quick-response (QR) codes across its brand in a bid to provide entertainment on-the-go. Using mobile phone technology, the codes, which will appear on more than 400 million packs, will enable consumers to gain access to content provided by Pepsi via the WAP service on their phones.

Rombouts develops its coffee lines for cafés

Rombouts Coffee's Pure Origins coffee range is now available for coffee shops and cafés. The range, which was exclusively available to retail consumers through Selfridges stores, is available in two formats - ground coffee in black caddies for cafetières, and coffee pods for the Rombouts' 1,2,3 Spresso system.

Firefly finds a way to Recharge

Firefly Tonics has launched its new drink 'Recharge'. Available in Pomegranate & Echinacea and Rosehip & Ginseng flavours, it contains fruit juices (white grape, pomegranate, plum, blood orange, rosehip), with botanical extracts, including kola nut, elderflower and chilli. The drink contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients and has been designed to "top up your energy levels", says the firm.

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