The theory of pie

Forget yer bells and whistles. When it came to winning the Tesco-sponsored Quality Product Award at the Baking Industry Awards 2008, Jackson's Bakery opted not to throw the kitchen sink into its hand-raised Traditional Steak Pie - thankfully for the dental health of the residents of Chesterfield. For Jackson's, less was clearly more - apart, that is, from the meat content, where more is clearly more, with 30% meat, all sourced from a good local butcher.

Continental shift

A high-street shop with a retail front-end and any of a variety of eat-in options could be dismissed as 'neither fish nor fowl'. It can also prove to be something of a phoenix for a business that is marking time.

Seasonal seller

Bananas are available all year round, but in the months when there is less fresh seasonal fruit around, bananas are good stand-bys. They are grown in India, China, Africa, South and Central America, Australia and the Caribbean. The Windward Islands, in particular, produce a high-quality crop.

In my world - the deli bakery

Jo Fairley is co-owner of Judges organic bakery and grocery in Hastings and co-founded Green & Black's chocolate firm with hubby Craig Sams

Versa-tile food weigher

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched a new checkweigher for use in the food industry.

Fox's adds to Chunkie line

Biscuit brand Fox's is adding a new cookie to its half-coated Chunkie range this month. The Chunkie Extremely Chocolatey Fruit & Nut Cookie contains dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chunks, nuts and raisins and is semi-coated in milk chocolate.

Nature's Pride marks return for Interstate

Ailing US wholesale bread and cake distributor Interstate Bakeries is radically revamping its range to focus on 'natural' products. The firm, alongside eight of its subsidiaries, recently saved 22,000 jobs after successful financial reorganisation, following over four years in bankruptcy. Based in Missouri, Interstate produces popular American brands such as Hostess Twinkies and Wonder Bread.

Vinopolis makes move into bakery

Wine business Vinopolis has been given the go-ahead to open a bakery, restaurant and shops by London's celebrated food market, Borough Market.

In Short

== Dust guidance ==

M&S wins tax battle over teacakes

Marks & Spencer has won a 13-year tax battle over the status of its chocolate-covered teacakes, although there is still confusion around the legal ruling.

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