Crunch time

When consumers buy lunch from a high-street bakery or sandwich shop, how many of them buy a drink and a snack to go alongside a pasty or roll? OK, an exact figure isn't available, but it's a lot. Looking to other retailers that have considerable success with the lunchtime trade, bakers might think about taking a leaf out of their book. Boots, for example, is known for its meal deals, offering a sandwich/salad with a drink and snack - such as crisps, bags of nuts or dried fruit, cereal bars or chocolate - for £2.99; and Boots is a chemist!

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When doctors and dentists condemn white bread, they are told occasionally by bakers that they do not know what they are talking about; when faddists cry out for "mother's" bread, attempts are made to show them that baker's bread is the superior product. At all times, whatever the complaint, the utmost patience is extended towards the complainant. In fact, many a baker's roundsman, to keep a customer who takes a few loaves a week, has to put up with rudeness that would cause the average docker or shipyard worker to drop his tools at a moment's notice. And now the President of the American Bakers' Convention has come along to press a button that illuminates all these shadows. "As the days go by," he has said, "I am reaching a definite conviction that most of our troubles are not troubles at all, but misunderstandings." Some of us came to the same conclusion a good many years ago.

...the science of cake cutting

How do you cut a cake fairly, so everyone gets an equal slice? That's a question that has troubled some of the greatest minds in history. Thankfully, technologyreview.com has reported on "a significant breakthrough" in this complex art. A mathematical algorithm has been found, which allows each person to have a fair share.

Geek cakes this week

Continuing on from last week's Star Wars toaster, it appears there's more mileage to be had in targeting the "geek pound", as we're coining it. Bakery geeks that we are on Stop the Week, we spotted these Ewok, Stormtrooper and Hans Solo-in-carbonite cakes on www.geekologie.com. Not bad, but if you could make a Death Star cake and suspend it from the ceiling, then we'd be seriously impressed - more so if you could devise away to slice it. Which brings us seamlessly onto...

Mouthing off

"Fighting foreclosure, one cake at a time"

My cake is bigger than your cake

Important developments in the world of cupcakes - the Guinness World Records? title for the largest cupcake has been achieved in Minneapolis. The mammoth creation, weighing 68.36kg and measuring 30.48cm tall by 60.96cm wide and organised by cakes.com, was said to yield some 1,500 slices and took 13 hours to make.

Mixed abilities

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Trick or bakery treat

Halloween is a key time for bakers to capitalise on an increasingly popular calendar date, by producing a range of spooktacular products for both young and old.

DrieM machine

If you remember the amazing voice of the late, great Roy Orbison, singing "dream, dream, dream" in his famous song aptly entitled 'Dreams', you'll know how to pronounce the name of new company DrieM.

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