Wrights unveils trial store

Wrights has unveiled a prototype flagship store and retail brand in Stoke-on-Trent, which the firm hopes will broaden its appeal to consumers.

The design, created by Dollar Rae, comes complete with a new corporate identity and colours alongside its ‘Freshly baked and ready to go’ sales message.

The new outlet, which started trading at the end of September, offers a broader product range than in its existing retail outlets, including made-to-order sandwiches, salad boxes, pasta boxes and new lines of savouries, confectionery and cakes, which will be refreshed each month.

The shop has been kitted out with bespoke-designed Tom Chandley turbo fan-assisted ovens, bake-off ovens with self-condensing hoods, walk-in chillers and freezers, and till points broadband-linked to the factory in Crewe for more efficient restocking of product lines, explained head of retail sales Neil Wood.

Less salt, more taste?

A Nottingham company claims to have discovered a way of modifying salt, to provide more taste from smaller quantities.

Eminate Limited’s product Soda-Lo 20 could potentially help bakers achieve lower salt targets in their products without compromising on taste, it is claimed.

“Looking at a level of 2% salt in a loaf of bread, we have been able to take it down to 0.6%,” commented Eminate’s sales and marketing manager Andrew Stacey.

The development of the product has also been helped by an Innovation Support Grant, of just over £4,000, from the Food and Drink iNet, which helped Eminate gather the evidence it needed that Soda-Lo 20 worked in bakery products.

It used the facilities and techinical expertise at Nottingham Trent University, which provided explanations on the function of Soda-Lo 20 in baked bread, said Stacey.

“This now forms the basis of a technical explanation of its ability to reduce salt content in bread, by as much as 70%,” he claimed.

Breakthrough for bread shelf-life

A breakthrough method to increase the shelf-life of bread by up to 14 days has been licensed to food ingredients company Puratos.

Food scientists at University College Cork (UCC) developed the method, which has now been patented, using lactic acid bacteria. Puratos, which supplies the baking and confectionery industry worldwide, will upscale the scientists’ work to industrial level, before bringing it to market.

Professor Elke Arendt and her research team in the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences have been working on improving the shelf-life of cereal products, by natural means, for the last 10 years, and had particular success using lactic acid bacteria in bread products.

The research revealed that “the incorporation of strains of lactic acid bacteria in bread not only improved the shelf-life of the product but had other benefits as well”. Its use produced a finer crumb texture and flavour, volume and nutritional value were also improved.

“Sourdough is known for its excellent taste and traditionally extends shelf-life,” commented Filip Arnaut, R&D director at Puratos. “Based on UCC’s new technology we will bring this to the next level. The new sourdough will have all the benefits of traditional sourdough and in addition extend the shelf-life of baked products, which is what our customers want today.”

Fine Lady Bakeries confirms plan for northern base

Fine Lady Bakeries has announced plans to build a £20 million bakery in Newton Heath, east Manchester. Planning permission has been submitted for the site, which would become Fine Lady’s northern base.

Joe Street, managing director of the Banbury-based company, said the east Manchester location would offer excellent transport links both north and south.

“We don’t want to anticipate the outcome of the planning application but this is an exciting first step for us,” he said.

“We see this as a long-term investment in east Manchester, creating jobs and other benefits for the local community.”

If plans go ahead for the proposed site at Central Park, off Briscoe Lane, it could bring up to 250 jobs to the area.

Fine Lady Bakeries produces a range of breads, rolls and fruited products such as teacakes, which are supplied to leading supermarket chains, independent retailers, sandwich makers and catering companies.

Places available at BB roundtable

British Baker is holding a round-table, The Big Bakery Debate: Saturated Fat and Calories Consultation, on Wednesday 21 October at the Landmark Hotel, London, and is keen to hear from industry representatives who would like to attend.

Fine Lady Bakeries confirms plan for northern base

Fine Lady Bakeries has announced plans to build a £20m bakery in Newton Heath, east Manchester. Planning permission has been submitted for the site, which would become Fine Lady’s northern base.

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