Tesco raises security on trailer fleet

Tesco is to improve the security of goods in transit by introducing tamper-evident trailer seals by Secureseal. The supermarket will replace the electronic seals for all new-build trailers, as well as any existing faulty seals in order to increase the security across its 4,000-strong fleet.
Secureseal is a permanent reusable seal with a unique random security number generator that monitors unauthorised door openings. The devices, made with stainless steel, have a life-span typically exceeding eight years, said the firm. Tesco's fleet engineering manager Cliff Smith said: "Secureseal offers a more reliable, better-value and longer-term solution that will improve the security of goods in transit."

Coldpack flies in Airliner

Coldpack has launched Airliner, an insulating film material that enables temperature-controlled transit packaging for food products.
The product comprises two layers of a special film, manufactured using DuPont Surlyn resin, which are separated by an aluminised honeycomb structure. When filled with air, the design of the packaging creates multiple compartments known as 'baffles'. The temperature is preserved inside the pack, so the inclusion of coolants such as gel packs and dry ice can be used to achieve the required temperature.
The Airliner maintains products in packs of up to 70 litres either at ambient temperatures, typical product temperatures (for example, from 0° to +4ºC for food products) or at -18ºC temperatures for frozen products.
The contents are protected depending on the thermal fluctuations anticipated during transit usually a 48-hour shipment but special extended cooling systems are also available to offer protection for up to 120 hours.

Spooner extends its service

Spooner Industries has announced it is to extend its products and services for the UK baking industry.
The company, which specialises in forced convection technology, will now offer a range of air conditioning and ventilation systems to complement its existing work in the design and manufacture of ovens, provers and coolers.
Services specific to the industry, include: bread cooling plant, developed especially for optimum efficiency in controlling product cooling and weight loss; steam, gas or electric heated bread-proving equipment; and air blast systems, developed to control dough piece quality for use with either steam, gas or electric.
Spooner has also introduced a technical services division to offer full service and support for new and existing customers.

Raw touch for snack line

A new healthy snack food range, Gourmet Raw, has been launched this month. It comprises two varieties of Gourmet Raw Brownies Celestial Cacao and Cocobanana and three varieties of Flackers Salsa, Jive and Sunshine. Flackers are being marketed as an alternative to crackers for snacking or bread and could be served with dips, such as guacamole or salsa, or filled with houmous and salad as an alternative to a sandwich.
A range of three gluten-free snack bars are currently in production and will be launched soon. These include: Oracle (goji berries, hemp- and other seeds), Supadoopa Slice (nut-free and sweetened with lucuma), and Mutiny (coconut and chocolate).
To claim their raw status, none of the products are heated above 40.5°C. They are free from refined sugars, artificial colours, preservatives and flavours, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Promotion power

By Max Jenvey of Oxxygen Marketing Partnership, a strategic management agency that focuses on business and brand development within the bakery, foodservice and convenience sectors.
Everyone seems in such a rush these days, but thankfully the majority of bakery customers still enjoy a well-earned rest and a sit-down with their favourite drink and snack.
Our colleagues at market researcher him! say the customers who like to eat-in form a very diverse group: the majority, 46%, are full-time workers, but there are also "at-home mums", students, singles and child-free couples visiting cafés and enjoying a breakfast, lunch or snack.
So how do we maximise sales opportunities within these groups? Simple: target full-time workers. him! tells us that only 10% of consumers actually prepare their lunch at home, so what are the other 90% looking for? Variety, quality and special offers and, if that's not enough, they also want the old favourites, too. So think about a daily special sandwich or pastry and link it to a meal deal to increase your average spend, which will also satisfy consumers' need for value. Speaking of value, ask your current suppliers for support with promotional material.
With over 25% fewer customers visiting food outlets than before the recession, customer loyalty is increasingly important. On average an eat-in customer keeps going to his/her favourite food outlet for almost three years, says him!
This said, there is every reason to enhance your customer's loyalty with a loyalty card or reward scheme. Research shows that the accumulator buy 10 drinks and get the 11th free is one of the most valued reward schemes for your customers and a cost-effective way for you to easily implement a reward system. All you need is cards with your brand no bigger than a business card and a small stamp behind the till.
You can easily link the accumulator system with your lunch or snack offer. him! tells us that almost 40% of customers visit a café or bakery for their lunch, so why not encourage that extra visit to your store by offering something on the third or fourth purchase?
Finally, ask your customers what they want, why they keep coming back to your store and how could you improve their experience? Knowing what your customers think will help you get it right for their next visit.

Christmas teas from Drury

The Drury Tea & Coffee Company has launched a range of Christmas teas and infusions. The loose teas include Christmas Flavoured Black tea and Christmas Flavoured Green tea in 125g packs, as well as Christmas Rooibos Infusion and Christmas Cookie Infusion in 100g packs.
The black tea features apple, cinnamon; almonds, star anise and vanilla. The green tea features ice crystal sprinkles, pink peppercorns, chocolate chips and clove buds. Cinnamon, orange blossom, blackberry leaves, cardamom seeds, ginger clove buds and safflower are included in the Rooibos infusion, while the Cookie Infusion features apple pieces, hibiscus, rosehip, orange pieces, cinnamon and ginger and cloves.

S Black takes a firm approach to fruit

While industrial processed fruit, such as strawberries, can be damaged by mechanical and thermal treatment, freezing or pasteurisation, with a negative effect on the fruit texture, S Black has introduced FirmFruit to combat this effect for manufacturers of sweet pies.
Patented by DSM Food Specialities to improve fruit firmness and give clearly defined fruit pieces or whole fruits, the effect is achieved with fruit pectin demethylation in the fruit and fungal pectin methylesterase (PME) enzyme and calcium. This overcomes the negative effects of treatment during processing. The process can be applied to fresh, frozen or thawed fruit pieces, slices or purée.

The cost of change

Brockleby's scoops listing with Waitrose

Organic pork pie producer Brockleby's has won a contract to supply its pies to supermarket chain Waitrose.
The company, from Asfordby Hill, near Melton Mowbray, will be putting its wares into a Waitrose store in Stamford early next year. Brockleby's hopes its pies will later go nationwide with the chain.
The contract was signed when the company was contacted by Waitrose after winning a taste competition in the retailer's Made in Britain Awards, organised in association with Country Living magazine. Ian Jalland of Brockleby's said: "Our pies are very popular, but they aren't widely available at the moment. I don't know what volumes are involved, but it will be a significant piece of business for us."
A Waitrose spokeswoman said: "We are working on the launch of the pies into the Stamford branch with a view to extending the product into more stores at some point in the future."
Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association chairman Matthew O'Callaghan said it was "extremely good news that the excellence of Melton Mowbray pies has been recognised by a major supermarket".

Bakery nets Merseyside pie deal

After supplying pies to Everton Football Club for several years, Clayton Park Bakery has cornered the football pie market in Merseyside, signing a contract to supply Liverpool Football Club.
The Lancashire-based firm will supply Anfield with a wide range of products for both hospitality and concourse catering. The concourse pie range includes potato and meat; steak; and 'scouse' pie, which is made with lamb, potato and vegetables. The hospitality range includes unusual options such as the breakfast pie, made with gammon, sausage and beans, and a potato, meat and mushy pea pie. The company is also working with Liverpool's head chef to develop mini pies and an exclusive Liverpool FC pie. 
"Football clubs account for around 15% of sales," said MD Barry Thomas. "It's a good market to be involved in because of the prestige and exposure for the company."
Clayton Park supplies pies to football clubs in all four English leagues in the north west, including Oldham Athletic, Rochdale, Preston North End and Accring-ton Stanley. It also supplies Lancashire County Cricket Club, Spar and Booths supermarkets.

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