Let's make whoopie

Whoopie pies or whoopie cakes have now migrated from the US to the UK. A well-known London store apparently cannot make enough of them.

Multitask models

When is a divider not a divider? When it's a sheeter, as is the case with Rademaker's Crusto Bread line. With continuing demand for replicating the characteristic taste and structure of craft-inspired products, this divider alternative claims to lose less gas in the dough through the production of baguettes, free-standing bread and ciabatta.

Gore galore

Sugar glass is used on movie sets whenever glass is smashed in a film. It sets hard and is transparent, just like real glass, but is much more brittle and breaks more easily... plus it's edible and sweet!

Trick and Treats

When 31 October rolls around, do you have a selection of festively themed treats in your window or are you happy to serve your usual offerings? If the potential profits are anything to go by, bakers opting for the latter approach are missing a trick as well as a treat. For independent outlets, this is one area where you may be able to out-bake the supermarkets.

Is a course imperative for fire alarm testing?

Can we object to a disciplinary companion?

Must a boss provide staff with a fridge?

Confusion over time off with pay

During the course of employment, there are times when employees seek leave other than for holiday. In some instances it may be reasonable to insist that annual leave entitlement should be used to cover the situations. In others, there is a statutory right to time off and, in some cases, this is with pay.

Health & safety compliance

Apart from the need to keep good personnel records for example, sickness absence and time off you must keep various documents in order to comply with Health & Safety requirements. So how do you know if your business is one that requires a written health and safety policy? And, if you need one, what areas should it cover?

Additional paternity rights

If a child is due on or after 3 April 2011, the father or mother's partner will be entitled to 26 weeks' "additional paternity leave". But babies are rarely on time. So what happens if they arrive before the legal deadline?

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