I enjoyed reading Tom Herbert's report from the Real Bread Conference, but I recently returned from a conference on Quality and Safety of Grain Crops and Foods, in South Africa. There, the availability of wholesome, reasonably-priced bread from plant bakeries using the Chorleywood Bread Process makes the difference between being able to put sufficient food on the table for your family or not.

Trade snapshot: a view from Sigep 2010

By David Mizon of Pin Point Training & Consultancy

Brand clinic: Good pack design

Don Williams, CEO of brand specialist Pi Global, says a real-world picture of your target audience is key to effective pack design

Craft or artisan?

Traiteur joins cupcake drive

French frozen food manufacturer Traiteur de Paris has announced it will be "following the fashion" by launching a range of cupcakes.

Wild Bean extends BP bakery offer

Wild Bean Café has expanded the range of bakery products served at its 230 stores in BP petrol stations.

Done to a Crisp It

Packaging technology company Sirane has developed a new type of microwave material for foodservice packaging, which can be used for crisping-up hot paninis, baguettes and pasties.

ADM 'hops to it' on offer

ADM Milling is supporting bakers in the run-up to Easter with a 'baker's dozen' offer, whereby customers will receive a free bag of ADM Bun Mix for every 12 purchased.

Tall tale from Italian firm

Espresso machine manufacturer Rancilio has added new full-size 2-group and 3-group models to its range of Class 6 Tall machines. These have additional head room between the drip tray and the group head to cater for demand for larger drink cups up to 20fl oz and have been designed with high-street take-aways and coffee shops in mind.

Gloves made easy for food retailers

Easy Glove is to launch a new product for the foodservice market to help businesses provide a practical, hygienic and fast way to serve customers.

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