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A toast to Vogel's

It's not often that the British Baker team have the opportunity to get toasted in the office, Christmas party aside. So we owe thanks to Vogel's for its latest bit of online marketing that allows you to upload any image onto a piece of toast. Have a go at www.vogelsbread.co.uk/vogels/toastarizer.ashx and keep it clean, folks.

Swedish take on cakes

Ikea has launched its first recipe book, Homemade is Best, and the ingredients layout is a move away from the 'cup of flour' of other home-baking publications (more like 'assemble an hexagonal pyramid of flour and transport to mix'). Presumably, the methods are as frustrating and bile-raising as following Ikea's flatpack instruction booklets.

Undead gingerbread

We've already seen a martial arts gingerbread game Ninjabread Man. Now, in keeping with the morbid bakery theme that has been running through Stop the Week of late, we bring you Texting of the Bread a game in which you're pitted against an army of gingerbread zombies via your texting speed. It's available on the iPhone and iPad at Apple's App Store for £1.19, with a Google Android version imminent.

Caught in the Web

The first-ever board game-themed coffee shop opens in Toronto with 1,500 games to choose from, called Snakes & Lattes... www.snakesandlattes.com

Mouthing off

Best in-show

Stop the Week was fortunate enough to attend the IBIE bakery exhibition in that heathen den of iniquity, Las Vegas, last week (hey, it's a dirty job).


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