Packing a crunch

The potential for cookies and biscuits is as vast as the imagination. Indeed, Jania Boyd, marketing manager of Macphie, a bakery ingredients manufacturer, says the possibilities are endless.

Baker'S tales


Witness and lies

As part of a disciplinary investigation, you will usually interview witnesses. During this process, you have every right to expect honesty. But suppose one of them lies in order to protect the employee under investigation: how should you deal with their actions and what effect do they have on the original proceedings?

Equality and discrimination

This was with the aim of making it easier for employers to understand discrimination legislation. The Act applies to England, Scotland and Wales and most of its provisions came into force in October 2010, with some further additions in April 2011 and some aspects being implemented through subsequent regulations.

Can you visit a sick employee at home?

Although sickness absence rates have fallen in recent years, the average employee in the private sector still has 6.4 days off work each year due to "illness". Further research shows that, at any one time, 3% of the entire working population is away from work because of it. So it remains a major headache for employers.

Workplace romance

American companies are renowned for their hard-line approach towards workplace romances; many ban them outright and will sack any employee discovered to be having a personal relationship with a colleague. But this type of attitude is inappropriate under our laws which probably explains why one-in-six people openly confess to dating a colleague.

Introducing the brand new 'Employers Charter'

The government is confident that businesses in the private sector, particularly the smaller ones, are going to "lead this country out of recession"

Counting the cost of flu

Employees can be expensive to run. If they are off sick, you lose their services while they are ill, yet still have to pay them.

Quantum leap

To grow or not to grow, that is the question. And while investment remains a problem for many, one rapidly growing company convinced its lenders on performance.

The mean streets

As a headline, it was rather scary: "Many high streets are doomed to die". Taken from last week's Daily Mail, it quoted figures issued by the Local Data Company, which scours 800 town centres throughout the country every six months, checking on each independent shop closure and opening.

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