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12-18 September 2011

Tip-top toppings

Pizza power

Pizza made on-site and sold over the counter, or in the sit-down area, can be part of the mix for the high-street baker keen to make incremental sales.

Moving on up

It would make Homer Simpson proud: the doughnut has had a makeover. The fried sticky and sweet treat with a hole in the middle has been elevated into a gourmet treat.

Comment: The breakfast opportunity

Making adequate time for a meal is one of the key factors affecting consumer eating habits, and breakfast is no exception. The three main drivers in consumers' decision-making on breakfast products are: a quick and convenient breakfast solution; a healthy meal to start the day; and food that can be eaten on the go*.

Wholesale view

If you're not a coffee shop food eater, then you could be one of only 4% of the UK population who never buy food in coffee shops (source: Allegra Strategies). Coffee shops are big business, with a UK market value of £5bn so you should be pretty keen to get in on the action. But this market is dominated by big players, with branded chains growing by 12.9% in 2010. This poses a problem for the independent coffee/sandwich shop, as the big boys are pretty professional.

Think drinks

The vast majority of UK adults start the day with a cup of fresh tea or coffee. Their consumption has long since become part of the archetypal morning schedule. The average amount of tea consumed per person in the UK each day is five cups, with some drinking up to 15 or 20 cups according to The UK Tea Council, which anticipates that 86% of all tea consumed is drunk 'in-home' and 14% drunk 'out-of-home'. So there is huge potential to drive an increased out-of-home tea market.

him! research & consulting Food-to-go Tracking Programme, May 2011

Reason for outlet choice other than location (Total mentions)

him! insights

The meal deal is on the food to go shop customer's radar and it is something they would consider purchasing, but they have not completely bought into this offering from their coffee shop. So there is an opportunity to increase basket size, as there is a missed opportunity. Establish credibility for a meal deal offering for breakfast and lunch, such as chilled and hot sandwiches + cake + coffee. But an alternative interpretation is that a coffee shop's focus should be on its core range and it should leave meal deals alone.

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