Day-part change

"The morning rush hour is mostly about coffee and, after that, it's all about baguettes. That's why our marketing campaign was very coffee-focused in the morning," says Upper Crust brand director Steve MacDavid. The company's range and activity include:

Understanding your customer

Breakfast buzz

"You're on a street; everybody's staring at you; you catch sight of your own reflection in the shop window; you're naked, apart from a fez. Why? It's confusing Your first childhood pet walks by. It turns to you and says, 'Can I check your ticket please?' You need coffee!"

Worldbake brings fresh twist to UK

Worldbake, a distributor based in Brixworth, Northampton, has announced it can offer a new range of savoury snacks on to the UK market.

Scanomat's techie brew

Scanomat UK has launched a new technologically advanced bean-to-cup and fresh milk system, called Top Brewer. The new machine is designed to be built into any table or counter-top, with only a curved pouring spout visible from above. All the working components are stowed away under the counter, saving valuable counter-top space. The brewing process can be operated using a smartphone, or by using the finger-touch keyboard, which can be built into the counter-top.

Gluten-free cookie from Byron Bay

Byron Bay Cookie Company has launched a gluten-free version of its popular Strawberries & Clotted Cream Cookie. The single wrapped cookie features pieces of real English strawberries, clotted cream and chunks of white chocolate. As with all of Byron Bay's gluten-free cookies, it has been certified by Coeliac UK and approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Moul-Bie and Fleming form auld alliance

Fleming Howden is now offering a range of Moul-Bie products to the Scottish market. The new partnership will mean that a range of traditional flours and mixes, available in 25kg bags, used to create breads such as Campaillou, Campagrain and Campaillette, and produced exclusively in France will be available to bakers in Scotland.

DrieM is at cutting edge

Two new cutters, specially developed for the DrieM d'Artagnan Artisanal Breadsheet bread and pizza dough line, are now available in the UK through distributor Benier (UK).

RedBlack targets ordering

RedBlack Software has released a new Automated Orders function for its CyBake Touch shop management solution, which claims to take the guesswork out of predicting shop sales.

Macphie has i-zing on cake

Macphie has launched a new range of premium finishings called i-zings. They are made from 100% natural colours and flavours and are available in four "zingy" flavours: summer fruits, orange, pineapple and lime.

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