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Recently #bakerfilms topped the trending list on Twitter, meaning it was the nation's biggest work dodge chatter topic for two whole days. Former BB deputy editor Anne Bruce, who kicked it all off, has a lot to answer for. Here is a tiny sample from the deluge of bakery-tweaked film name suggestions.

Caught in the Web

National Cupcake Week special

Gore cake(s)

Two retch-inducing cakes for the price of one this week: the first, an anatomically correct marzipan sheep's head from Austrian sculptor Helga Petrau-Heinzel; the second, what looks like the leftovers of Hannibal Lector's lunch, from the jarringly sweet-named Buttercream Bakery in Brighton. (Shudder.)

Mouthing off

"On the face of it, it might seem that those of us who have largely rejected supermarket sliced in favour of homemade or bakery-bought sourdoughs should think again. Forget flavour, texture and the goodness of whole grains; let's take a retro step back to consuming bread that has the character of make-up remover pads... But I urge caution. It is essential to address the general wholesomeness or lack thereof of processed foods, not just how much salt they contain"

Cake campaign trail

For those non-bread confectionery bakers who think they've dodged the hail of bullets from Real Bread Campaign's team of anti-plant bread snipers, think again. The Campaign for Real Cake was launched at Speciality & Fine Food Fair in September, which rails against "highly processed, mass-produced, chemistry set cakes".

It's all in the mixer

I t could be said that the smaller bakery revolves around its mixer, dire pun though that is. Apart from the oven, the mixer is probably the piece of equipment most vital to day-to-day production. Strange, then, that it is a piece of equipment that the modern age has passed by in many artisan operations.

In-store action

While in-store bakeries are seeing sweet success from pastries and confectionery, bread continues to be a drag on the category, losing sales to wrapped bread. This is all the more baffling when consumers claim to value freshness as one of their top purchasing decisions.

Green agenda

When it comes to refrigeration for the high street baker or retail food-to-go operator, there is one word that is at the tip of everyone's tongues and that is 'sustainability'.

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