Applied Weighing

Applied Weighing (Reading), supplier of industrial weighing systems, has recently introduced a high-speed check weigher. The machine is powered by a 920i process controller and can be combined with lead on/lead off conveyors, barcoders and metal detection equipment.

BNW drives in wrapper

Lancashire-based BNW Bakery Services says its BW5 machine can be used for wrapping bread, cake and flour confectionery.

Burford has it all taped

The Burford Tape Closure system has been designed to produce a reliable tamper-evident closure. Burford says it can be used with most makes of semi- and fully-automatic bagging systems.

Zeelandia relies on Carlo to release plant baker interest

Zeelandia (Billericay, Essex) says it can offer plant bakers a range of services, from ingre-dients to engineering.

To do list...

Surafti offers 31 different fondant products designed to solve specific needs
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Icing o the cake

The introduction of a new low-glucose powdered fondant by Surafti UK is one of the company’s responses to market changes, says Paul Martin, Surafti UK’s technical sales manager. For Martin, the new fondant, Flemings Powdered Fondant LG, which has been under development for the past 12 months complete with trialling and analysis, is another example of Surafti’s special service .
Tony Phillips is past president of the NAMB and is (allegedly) retired from running Janes Pantry with 10 shops in Gloucestershire
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A simple country baker

Almost every day, we older folk say, “How the world has changed!” As an example, just look at the volume of products we now produce daily with far less staff than, say, 20 years ago. Although, at the rate people are flooding into our country, they may soon pass a law to make us scrap our machinery, so that we can employ more people to keep them off the streets.
Jim Winship
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The problem begins to bite

Forcing consumers to eat more healthily could result in a backlash, with consu-mers rejecting foods where substantial cuts in salt and fat content have been made or where recipe formulation is perceived to have had an unacceptable impact on flavour.

Craft and creativity in Crouch End

When people eulogise about the need to diversify a craft retail bakery business, few can claim to have taken it as much to heart as Dunns of Crouch End. French farmers’ markets, gay wedding cakes and, perhaps more ill-advisedly, letting a film crew run amok, destroying the shop, are just a few of the ways it has met the challenges facing bakers on the high street.
Sylvia Macdonald
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Some things never cease to amaze me. They are so blindingly obvious that you think, how can that possibly be? We are worried sick about the number of people carrying knives but do NOTHING to ban them. They are as deadly as guns, so why are we afraid of zero tolerance on something so dangerous?

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