Bakery tips & tricks: how to create the perfect pies

Pies are beloved by Brits. Here, pie experts explain how to create the perfect pastry, avoid the dreaded soggy bottom and get creative with toppings.

Under scrutiny: The role of improvers

What does interest in clean labels and artisan-produced bread mean for the use of bakery improvers?

Tips & Tricks: working with chocolate for baked goods

Chocolate is one of the nation's favourite flavours. Here, chocolate experts offer advice on techniques and flavour combinations bakers can use to enhance their baked goods.

Are insects the future of bread?

Consumers will take some convincing, but there’s a good chance – and compelling reasons – why bakers will be adding bugs to their bakes in the future

Tips & Tricks: reduce waste and expand charitable work

Bakers, chefs and their suppliers offer advice on how to meet your 2020 resolutions by making the most of ingredients and expanding charitable initiatives.

Tips & Tricks: From boozy bakes to wood-fired ovens

Bakers, their suppliers and other industry experts offer advice on a range of topics. 

Has the reign of royal icing come to an end?

What can be done to ensure royal icing remains relevant to the modern consumer?

Can bread gain from the plant-based boom?

Vegetable-infused loaves have struggled to find a mainstream audience in the UK – but could veganism offer new hope?

Sprouted grains take root in baked goods

Once considered a mistake, sprouted grains are now a major health trend. But using them is not without its challenges.

Tips & Tricks: Cake experts offer showstopper advice

Cake specialists offer advice on a range of topics.

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