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Feature Synopsis July 2019: Halloween

This feature will focus on how Halloween is playing out in the patisserie and afternoon tea markets.

Feature Synopsis July 2019: Cutting and portioning

What are the most challenging bakery products faced by automated cutting equipment, and how have equipment suppliers overcome such challenges?

Feature Synopsis June 2019: Thins, Wraps & Pittas

Wraps and flatbreads are ousting sandwiches at lunchtime as younger consumers look for more exciting fare, according to research by London’s Spitalfields Market. This article will explore why.

Feature Synopsis June 2019: Ethnic Flours and Speciality Breads

This article will explore how growing interest in Middle Eastern and African cuisine and flavours could shape demand for more breads from the region.

Feature Synopsis June 2019: Dividers & Moulders

While sliced loaves account for the bulk of the bread market, demand for other formats – particularly artisan-style loaves – continues to grow.

Feature Synopsis May 2019: Gluten Free

This article will look at the untapped opportunities in the burgeoning gluten-free market, and what challenges there are in addressing them.

Feature Synopsis May 2019: Flavourings and Colourings

Botanical flavours – including flowers and teas - have been of growing interest to bakers in recent years, and this article will look at how bakers are experimenting with botanical flavours. 

Feature Synopsis May 2019: Depositors and Extruders

This article will explore how developments in depositor and extruder technology is helping businesses develop new baked goods.

Feature Synopsis May 2019: Bake-off and Finished Goods

This article will explore what factors are driving the decline in the overall instore bakery market - are consumers switching to other types of retailer, such as artisan bakeries, for example?

Feature Synopsis April 2019: Bread & Roll Plant

With technology, supplier demands and consumer tastes continuing to develop at a rapid pace, how can equipment suppliers help bakery businesses future-proof their operations?

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