18th Century plum cake

Plums in old recipes mean currants rather than plums. Plum cakes were popular and there are a variety of recipes to choose from. This one comes from The Experienced English Housewife by Elizabeth Raffald, which was first published in 1769. Raffald was an impressively busy woman. She worked as a housekeeper for 15 years before moving to Manchester. There, she ran a confectioner's shop, where round plum cakes were part of the daily offering to customers.

Saffron cake

Saffron cakes have traditionally been made in Devon and Cornwall, especially around Easter when they are eaten with clotted cream on Good Friday.

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Cereal ingredient specialist Edme has announced the commissioning of a Satake ESM Alphascan Colour Sorter at its plant in Mistley, Essex.

Dipix Europe

Dipix Europe has installed an advanced automated inspection system at Lantmannen Unibake's bakery plant in Örebro, Sweden. The online machine vision system inspects hamburger buns at high speed, measuring a range of critical 3D parameters and removing any defective buns.

Mono Bakery Equipment

The compact Omega Depositor, part of a range of confectionery depositors from Mono Equipment, enables bakers to simply and accurately control deposit shape and amount, says the company. The depositor is faster than by hand and guarantees consistency, it adds.

Thermo Fisher SCIENTIFIC

Thermo Fisher SCIENTIFIC has introduced the Thermo Scientific Powerx - a new line of high-performance X-ray systems for the baking industry.


The next generation of combi ovens has arrived with the launch of the new Henny Penny SmartCombi, available in the UK from equipment supplier ServEquip.


Polin has introduced the Multidrop Junior into the UK market.


The full range of Hoshizaki's compact counter fridges and freezers are now available with drawers. Depending on storage requirements, doors and drawers can be supplied.

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