Dr Chrissie Jenkins, who runs a Harley Street consultancy, Waistrim Foods, for allergy sufferers, is seeking bakers, preferably London-based, to develop a new range of breads.

The doctor told British Baker that she has spent 15 years researching suitable breads and dough products that are “really good-tasting and palatable”, while at the same time being suitable for those with a nut or gluten allergy or other intolerances.

The products will need to be made for supply in either fresh or frozen formats. Dr Jenkins’ formula uses no additives, just plain ingredients such as rice flour and other flours, water, yeast, salt, sunflower oil and olive oil. She described the ingredients as “very pure”.

A bakery in Glasgow already manufactures flatbreads accor-ding to her formula but she said: “We need other bakers to make the other products in the range.”

The products are not only nut- and gluten-free but also egg- and milk-free and contain no xanthan gum. “They taste like real breads,” she commented. As well as being aimed at coeliacs and allergy sufferers, Dr Jenkins said that products made to her formula also help sufferers from irritable bowel syndrome. Her recipes are suitable for a range of goods including pizza bases, potato scones, breads and flatbreads, cakes, sandwich wraps, pancakes, and muffins. She added: “A chain of 30 hotels in London has already expressed an interest in obtaining the finished products.”

Any bakers who are interes-ted in finding out more and who could make the products, fresh or frozen, for delivery to the London area can contact Dr Jenkins’ colleague, Nigel Timm, whom she decribed as “knowledgeable about grains, flour and bread”, at Waistrim Foods Nutrition Consultancy on 020 7580 5755.