Coconut: The pricing situation has changed little, with strong coconut oil prices, buyers seemingly prepared to pay historically high prices to cope with demand, very light stocks in the UK and across Europe, and a long lead from origin to destination all of which looks set to continue for some time.

Raisins: If weather conditions result in Turkey failing to produce an optimal supply, then California and Turkey both might settle around present levels. If Turkey delivers a good new crop, prices must fall from September onwards; if Turkey weakens, then California would have to re-consider its export options.

Sultanas: The weather over the next two months will be critical in deciding the Turkish crop results. Recent storms may have reduced it to around 280,000mts, but it will probably be larger than the current crop.

Currants: With the current crop sold out, supply will remain tight until September. The new crop looks set to be larger, but do not expect to see any downward impact on prices at first.

Apricots: After this season’s very poor crop of 55-75,000mts, the new crop is forecast to be around 130,000-150,000mts, which must affect pricing.

l Based on information provided by RM Curtis