Almonds: Prices have continued to increase over the past month. Predictions are that total production might fall even below the 1.3bn lb level (590,000mt), when earlier forecasts were up to 1.65bn lbs. The short- to medium-term view is that prices will continue to rise, possibly until December/January.

Hazelnuts: The combination of a bumper crop in 2008 and heavy rain and floods coinciding with the drying period, has potentially meant a total 2009 crop of below 500,000t. If this is the case, prices will remain firm for the duration.
Walnuts: California reports a slightly reduced new crop and walnut pricing looks increasingly attractive. Increased demand can also be expected.
Cashews: Prices have stabilised over the past month, but remain relatively high at a time when consumers are looking for value purchases.
Pecans: Although the US new crop is expected to be better than last year, pricing looks set to stay high.
Pistachios: With the Californian new crop due soon, reports that it might be smaller than anticipated have kept prices firm.
Brazil nuts: Prices have remained firm, as the full impact of the reduced crop this year becomes apparent. Stocks of old crop are all but clear and, with the new crop already largely shipped, there is a worryingly long gap between now and the next new crop in May/June 2010.
l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtis