"Against the background of a recession and acute financial problems, I would like to see a radical change in attitude within the banking industry towards bakers in particular. A greater understanding of the problems faced by bakers and a greater willingness to lend are needed, and I hope the many good businesses that are having problems with loans, for example, will be able to get these issues sorted out quickly.

"Within the marketplace, I hope that bakers will continue to make progress and that we continue to see profitable bakeries across the country.

"I hope the Food Standards Agency will work constructively with the baking industry in Scotland and be a bit more pragmatic and realistic about some of the issues bakers face.

"I also hope that, as we’re facing a chronic skills shortage issues in Scotland, bakers will understand that, for their future and the industry’s future, it is important to have a proper investment in skills and the SAMB has an important role in this. We need to make sure the proper infrastructure is in place to work with people to achieve these skills.

"In a sense we’re lucky, as people will never stop eating, so if we get our acts together, make the most of opportunities and are creative and efficient, then the industry will be OK."