Clean-label ingredients manufacturer and supplier Ulrick & Short has relaunched its additive- and allergen-free range of bakery glazes.

Eziglaze was originally developed in response to market demands for more natural ingredient replacements. It can be used on sweet and savoury baked goods, and has been relaunched with improved cost saving value, due to the fluctuating price of eggs, said the firm. These savings are achieved as the glaze does not need to be chilled and has a long shelf-life, making it a practical alternative to fresh egg and milk. It is available in a powdered format which needs to be made up with cold water.

"Eziglaze is ambient stable and can be adjusted to match the viscosity of existing glazes, meaning manufacturers do not need to recalibrate their equipment, helping to save time and money," said the firm. "Eziglaze is able to replicate the same browning and gloss characteristics of egg and milk based glazes and has no chemicals or artificial components, as well as being GM-free."