Grahams Home Bakery in Dromore, Co Down, has signed a lucrative deal to supply cake and bun lines to 10 Sainsbury’s stores in Northern Ireland.

The deal, estimated to be worth £200,000 a year, will see the family-run bakery supplying its traditional range of cakes, as well as a new line called ‘Pick Me’.

Sales and marketing manager, Alistair Toal, has been looking to get into Sainsbury’s for over a year, and has been working with its regional buyer Michael McCambley.

“We’re trying to be more forward-thinking than our competitors, and have been working on re-branding and re-packaging our products,” said Toal. “We realised there was a younger market that we weren’t tapping into.”

Grahams’ current range includes boxed cakes, that aren’t generally brought on impulse, so the new ‘Pick Me’ range has been designed to appeal to a wider market and includes products such as muffins, sold in smaller packs and priced to sell. “We wanted something that would make customers’ heads turn in store,” explained Toal. “In future we also hope to take the brand to England.”