Rank Hovis has launched a new flour variant Hovis Multiseed which has been developed to meet growing consumer demand for seed and grain products. A blend of seeds and wheatgerm, the new variant is suitable for the production of tinned or handcrafted breads and rolls.

Its launch will also support the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, as Rank Hovis will donate a proportion of the profit from each sale of the product to the appeal. Rank Hovis will also encourage its customers to make a donation to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal for each Multiseed loaf sold.

Sara Reid, marketing manager, said: "We have used our milling experience to create a unique grade of flour with a blend of five seeds and cooked germ."

Customers also have the opportunity to use bespoke Hovis bread tins and receive promotional point-of-sale material.

Hovis Multiseed is available in 16kg bags.