Dunn’s buns are tops

Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End claimed the top spot in The Independent’s recent hot cross bun top 10, beating the likes of Duchy Originals (2nd), and Konditor and Cook (4th). Betty’s of Harrogate’s offering came in 9th and was voted ’best luxury buy’ and Simmons Bakers was 10th.

Bagel increase

Canada Bread’s UK bakery operation, Maple Leaf Bakery, which produces New York Bakery Co branded products, saw a significant increase in bagel volumes, following a new marketing campaign and the relaunch of its new-recipe bagels earlier this year. But overall volumes for its UK bakery arm were lower than last year.

Work on breakfast

Coffee Republic is adding to its breakfast menu this spring with a range of new sweet and savoury options. New products include English muffins, in English breakfast and cheese and tomato variants; lemon & white chocolate, low-fat blueberry and reduced-fat peach & raspberry muffins; and porridge with different toppings.

CSM sees sales rise

CSM’s focus on increasing selling prices to compensate for higher costs, coupled with acquisitions, has paid off, with a sales rise of 18% in its first quarter. Sales stood at E759.8m (£683.85m), from E644.1m (£579.9m) for the same period in 2010.

Cocoa research

Cocoa and chocolate product manufacturer Barry Callebaut has launched a research programme in Malaysia, aimed at developing sustainable cocoa cultivation techniques. It is hoped the project will yield new practical measures for boosting the sustainability and quality of cocoa production.