Chevler’s rugby drive

Baking cases manufacturer Chevler has launched a range of Welsh dragon-adorned cases, along with a consumer PR campaign to coincide with the start of the Rugby World Cup. Under the strapline ’Scrumby treat for rugby fans’, the Mid Glamorgan-based firm will be urging consumers to look out for bakers, coffee shops and supermarkets selling muffins and cupcakes in its specially designed, limited-edition Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon) baking cases and muffin wraps.

Youngsters ignorant on the price of a loaf

According to a survey carried out by mobile phone operator T-Mobile, over half of teenagers did not know that bread costs more than £1 a loaf, with one in 10 believing it costs around 29p. However, eight in 10 knew the price of an iPad.

Business rates force shop to close

Town Mill Bakery’s Tudor Arcade outlet in Dorchester is to close after increases in rent and business rates forced the business out, reported the Dorset Echo. Owner Clive Cobb was quoted as saying: "Greed has closed this place we’ve been frustrated in our attempt to reverse the rises in rent, 61%, and business rate, 53%, of last October."

Ultimate additions

Food-to-go brand Urban Eat has added two new products to its premium range, Ultimate. A Spanish-style Chicken, Prawn & Chorizo Wrap and a Smokin’ BBQ Pork Sub Roll have joined the line-up. "All of the products in the Ultimate range have been inspired by cuisine from across the world to bring a real point of difference to the lunchtime fixture," said category marketing manager Ben Smeal.