Irn-Bru seeks to drive southern sales Scottish soft drinks manufacturer AG Barr is hoping its latest Irn-Bru campaign will help drive growth in bakeries south of the border.

A £3m national marketing campaign is under way, with a new 40-second TV advert to break in England this month.

Head of marketing Adrian Troy told British Baker that Irn-Bru remains very popular in its Scottish heartland, but the firm is keen to drive sales across the rest of the UK.

“Bakery has been a sector we’ve been incredibly successful with in recent years, especially in the north of England and Scotland, with 500ml PET bottles,” he explained.

The drink can be found in the likes of Sayers the Bakers and Greggs in the north of England, but Troy said the fi rm was hoping to expand its presence to Greggs stores nationwide in the near future.

Impulse sales of Irn-Bru increased 18% in England & Wales in the past year (Nielsen data: total impulse England and Wales value, MAT 19.03.11).