Kristy Kreme has moved to dismiss Twitter postings suggesting that its Enfield store with onsite bakery was burned down in the London disturbances last night (Sunday, 7 August).

Krispy Kreme was a trending topic on Twitter on Monday morning, with tweets such as “A Krispy Kreme is ablaze in Enfield”, “They’ve burned a Krispy Kreme down in the riots. Are they donuts?” and “They’re saying the Krispy Kreme factory in Enfield has been burned down. Now it’s personal.”

However, a spokesman for Krispy Kreme said: “Following last night’s riots, our Enfield store sustained some minor damage. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the damaged areas, which consisted of four broken windows, are already being fixed. The store is open for business as normal today.”

Meanwhile, bakeries such as London craft wholesaler Flourish were counting the costs of the riots.

Operations manager Shuk Ng told British Baker that the company had not been able to deliver to customers for two days as the roads around Tottenham were locked down. She expected the situation to continue for a further three or four days.