At next month’s Bakers’ Fair Autumn, Leeds City College will be hosting live demonstrations as part of the Bakery Zone.

The Fair, which takes place at the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate on Sunday 7 October, will see representatives from the College showcasing techniques and methods to create a range of bakery products to visitors in live demonstrations.

The demos will include bread-plaiting techniques and ways to create French pastry, both of which will be headed up by Steven Charlesworth from Leeds City College. Other presentations will look at coating, using Royal icing and marzipan roses, led by Judith Taylor, as well as a chocolate shell moulding demonstration by Georgia Parkinson.

Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in Leeds City College’s Bakery Zone demos at the Fair, getting hands-on with making the products.

In addition, Renshaw will be hosting the Cake Zone at Bakers’ Fair Autumn, highlighting a number of techniques to visitors in order to create a range of Halloween- and Christmas-themed goods.

Free registration for the event is still available online, which can be accessed by clicking here. For further information about Bakers’ Fair Autumn, visit