Marks and Spencer (M&S) has launched a “Half and Half Supersoft Loaf” which contains both sliced white and wholemeal bread.

Claiming to be the first UK retailer to launch such a loaf, M&S said it contains equal numbers of white and wholemeal bread slices, and aims to cater for families’ different taste preferences. The resealable packaging is also designed to open at both ends.

“The Half & Half loaf is also perfect for those who want wholemeal bread for their sandwiches during the week but white slices for the weekend bacon sarnie,” said M&S. “This is backed up by M&S data which shows that sales of white loaves increase significantly as the weekend approaches.”

The loaf which went on sale last week, will be available in all stores nationwide at an introductory price of 99p, and will cost £1.50 after 5 October.