Waitrose has launched a TV advertising campaign featuring a young Heston Blumenthal eating the company’s latest hot cross bun product.

The 30-second advert first aired yesterday (21 March) on Channel 4, ITV1, More 4, ITV3, and Channel 5. It has been created in line with the launch of the supermarket chain’s new Earl Grey & Mandarin Hot Cross Buns (RRP £1.59 for two), created by Blumenthal.

It features the chef reminiscing about his childhood memory of the Easter baked treat, cutting back to a 1970s flashback with a ‘mini’ Heston sat at his dining room table enjoying a hot cross bun.

Blumenthal said: “As a child, I always used to eat hot cross buns with a cup of tea. I loved the excitement of Easter, and all that chocolate, being just around the corner. The nostalgia of those familiar aromas of fruit and spice is what inspired me to create these new hot cross buns. These days, I have a cup of Earl Grey to sip with my freshly toasted hot cross buns – the crisp crust covered in melting butter.”

Waitrose’s Earl Grey and Mandarin Hot Cross Buns contain sultanas, golden sultanas, California raisins and Chilean flame raisins soaked in Earl Grey tea, orange zest, mandarin and bergamot extracts.